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Charm of the 1930s meets modern access management.

In the heart of Zurich, a commercial and residential property from the 1930s has been given a new lease of life. Not much has changed in terms of use over the 100 years or so. Even today, there are apartments and offices on the upper floors and stores and restaurants on the first floor. The interior and exterior renovation brought back the original structure, creating high-quality living spaces and offices. Materials and colors bring back the charm of the 1930s, while the modern interior design leaves nothing to be desired. This also includes the new resivo access management system from dormakaba.

What does innovative access management offer?

  • Secure and flexible use for management and tenants
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • More efficient processes
  • Upgrading of existing buildings

A new dimension in building use with the resivo digital locking system

resivo from dormakaba is a cloud-based access management system for administrations, property owners and tenants. With resivo, lost keys are a thing of the past, as access is granted digitally using a badge, key fob or smartphone. Access can be granted for a limited time and remotely. Administrations benefit from digital key handovers and less administrative work in the event of lost keys.

Separation of sovereignty for privacy, security and convenience

The system's unique separation of sovereignty enables reliable separation between management and tenants. Only the tenant themselves has the right to issue or withdraw digital keys for their own apartment. Lost access media can be deleted quickly and easily in the app. If someone needs to gain access to the premises, this can be done in real time and from anywhere using a digital key on a smartphone. Tenants can thus organize access to their premises securely, independently and flexibly.

Powerful applications

Managers use the resivo utility app to let tenants move in and out. If there are tradesmen working in rented apartments, approval can be obtained from tenants via the app. All access media are conveniently recorded and managed in the intuitive resivo home app. Access rights can be assigned individually. If an access medium is lost, this does not pose a security risk. Access rights can be revoked in the app in real time.

Upgrading existing buildings

resivo is used in both old and new buildings.